Our aim is to enable you to connect with people of different professional profiles, so that you can explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. For this reason, it seems sensible to establish some simple house rules which must be accepted by all participants:

Participate in a proactive manner. We are all here to connect.

We tell ourselves that we are “timid” and “shy” so many times that we end up believing it. Remember that we are here to make connections, so don’t hesitate in introducing yourself to people that you don’t know and taking an interest in what they do. We are certain that you will discover a world of infinite possibilities.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

That’s easy to say, but we don’t know if it’s always as easy to do. But let’s be clear: don’t treat other people in a way that you would not like to be treated. Always act with honesty and remember that your freedom begins where the next person’s freedom ends.

Respect the diversity of our community.

We tend to stick with people who are the same as, or similar to, ourselves. That’s fine, but don’t miss the opportunity to discover other different and enriching people and points of view. And, of course, be respectful of differences. Live and let live.

We are not the place for hard selling.

It’s fine to describe what you do, or talk about your business’ activity, but remember that we want to encourage the emergence of new projects and solutions as opposed to simply exchanging products and services. If it seems that you are selling too aggressively, then you are selling too aggressively.

Always act in a responsible manner.

Be professional and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do in another place. Although we provide drinks and are located in a café/bar, please drink responsibly and behave appropriately around other people.

Ask yourself, how can I help and contribute?

As you get used to the dynamic of the meetings and the rest of the members of the community, think about what contributions you could bring (knowledge, contacts) to enrich the results and improve the connections made.

Attend regularly. Generate trust.

This is about creating relationships of trust through people that we have met relatively recently. We want to avoid the sensation of constantly being at the starting stage with the same people. Drop in whenever you can, make the relation flow and become a veteran connector.

Spread the word: let it be known so that other people can join.

The value of the network is equal to the number of people within its framework. Tell other people about us and invite them to come by if you think that they fit in with the philosophy and community spirit of the meetings.