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Connecting People to Innovate

Konekta Café is a free opportunity to connect with people who seek to innovate within a professional field, such as business people, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, teaching staff and more, all within a relaxed, informal environment. Konekta Café is at Tabakalera Café.

What we offer

Each session we cover one topic of interest and provide different activities relating to this topic. Feel free to drop in whenever best suits you and konekt with our community of innovative people.


The central space is the café/bar area where you can meet different people with whom to chat and konekt. We provide free refreshments.


We occasionally offer presentations or exchanges of experience which add value to the community regarding the topic discussed.


We also organise a variety of training activities which allow you to participate in some of the different spaces of the establishment.

Advice sessions

You can obtain free advice from professionals in different specialised areas, who will be sitting at clearly-marked tables. You can reserve an appointment in advance or simply sit down if there is space available.


We can put up tables or spaces for showing innovative products, prototypes and services.

Meetings and debates

We organise different meetings and debates for smaller groups.

If you would like to join in a presentation/advice session/demo/meeting/previously-arranged appointment, write to us at info@konektacafe.com.


Discover which events we are going to hold and which events have been held already. The café/bar is open from 17:00 to 20:00 and you are free to arrive and leave whenever you like. However, please be mindful of the schedule of organised complementary activities if you want to avoid missing these. Each meeting deals with a pre-assigned topic which you can look up.
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Konekt with our community of innovative people

We are a network of people who go beyond brands and organisations. The only requirement for participating in this community of innovators is having an open mind in terms of making connections and being generous in contributing anything that you can (knowledge, contacts, interests, experiences and so on). Among other profiles, we see business people, entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, investors, teaching staff, professionals and more. Take a look at our Manifesto: yif you fit with our community’s rules of play, apply for membership.


Konekta Café is free thanks to the collaboration of:

If you would like to collaborate with us, please write to info@konektacafe.com

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